Choose To Have a Unforgettable Yacht Wedding‏

If you are looking at having your wedding on a yacht in Singapore, then you should consider the pros and cons. The pros here, however, outweighs the cons so much more. Wedding is once in a life event and you should have it at the most unique and special event you can.

You have to think about chartering a yacht in Singapore and consider the costs too. However yacht charter singapore is not a difficult thing and it is quite cheap in some cases.

There are many ideas on wedding yachts online which you can find.

The setting of the sun behind the horizon presents the perfect setting for an idyllic wedding time. Whether you opt for the daytime wedding in the yacht which extends into a night time of fun and frolic, weddings on a yacht can be fun and memorable and will surely be the talk of the town for several months after your wedding is over.

You have to also know that yacht renting in Singapore is not troublesome at all.


Leave the arrangements to the experts

The rest can be left to the expertise of the yacht company. Once you have specified your requirements and budget, all you need to do is look into your other wedding plans. While you are getting the invites ready, the yacht will be prepared for your dream wedding.

wedding yacht

Conveniences offered

There are several conveniences that come in a yacht wedding. When you have selected a luxury yacht service, all you need to do is specify the décor you want, the food and drinks you want served and other requirements. The rest is taken care of by the expert planning team that works for weddings on yachts. Most wedding yacht services offer the full package of décor, setting up of the wedding venue, the chair and table arrangement, reception arrangements, food and catering services. When you do not have time to plan the details of your own wedding, this is a perfect option to have a fancy wedding that is planned in a giffy.


How You Can Make Your Own Wedding Favors‏

The best thing a couple can do is to add their own personal feel to the wedding favor. When it comes to their big day, they would want it to be a very awesome event and to be in the hearts of the guests. The couple will want to make everything as perfect as possible which includes the theme, colors, dress, wedding food, wedding gifts and wedding favors.

However, unique and original wedding favors that speaks of the couple is not easy to come by and usually takes very long to come up with these ideas. There are a lot of choices to make when you are selecting that unique wedding favor. You just need to be creative. For example, what speaks of you and your partner? Simple, your photos.

Have your photos on unique mugs and/ or photo frames, pictures, shirts and many more. This will then make your wedding favor unique and only speaks of you. Of course, the above examples are just some o the few that is suggested. Get creative and you definitely can create many more different unique and special wedding favors.

Write a special thank you note for the guests that attended your wedding.

Another good idea is that you can give sun blocks and sun tanning lotion to the guests that are attending your wedding. If you are holding a wedding that is outdoors, on the beach, in the garden where there is sun, or any outdoor wedding venues, a good gift is something that is related to it, which is the sun block.

This will show the guests that you actually care for them, and it is something that they can relate to your wedding. One stone that fulfills two birds. Also, you can consider having other snack items like chocolate, mini cakes, cupcakes, wine, and they can be connected to your main wedding theme.

If you like to make crafts, you can also make them as wedding favors. For example, if you like to make paper cuttings, you can make cute little mini paper cuttings, craft works, art frames, those are definitely good ways to make unique wedding favors.

Gifts that are portable, small and easy to carry that carries the signature of the wedding theme also makes great awesome wedding favors. When you have this and as guests receive this, they will feel a good sense of thanks from the couples to them.

Wedding favors are really to thank the guests for coming and their efforts and appreciation to them. To make it personalized and unique, think about what you can do and when they are personalized and customize, guests will definitely feel it. It may sound weird but it is true that wedding favors really do show a great deal of appreciation and people will feel it.

To have original ideas to give as wedding gifts, it is not east but it is certainly possible, couples should think about it together and come up with unique and personalized items that speak of their story and personalities. 

3 Wedding Videography Styles You Need to Know‏

In Asia, many different country are starting to include wedding videography in their service. Find wedding videography in Singapore? There are many ways to do that, but finding the right one is not easy. To capture the prefect moment on your wedding day, but more and more people are engaging wedding videographers. You want to be able to look back on your big day in future, with sounds and movements, rather than just photos and still pictures. Every brides yearns to have the sweetest theme, the nicest venue, the prettiest gown and so on… You should really consider getting a videographer to capture those precious moments.

Wedding videography (7)

A good wedding videographer is one that has good knowledge and know what he or she is doing. You can definitely ask your best friend, someone that is good at capturing videos or your siblings to help take your wedding video, it can be a good cost controller if you have a small budget. That is if you don’t mind the quality that it may eventually turn out. If you have close friends that are professional videographers, then kudos to you, you should really treat your friend for that favour they are doing it for you.

For example, in Singapore, the wedding videography can take many different styles and according to the custom, you can take many different angles, therefore getting wedding videography in singapore encompasses many different fun ideas.

Wedding videography (6)

Getting a proper legit wedding videographer guarantees you good quality videos. They have done it many times, doing wedding videos are their main job scope, so you got to believe that they can definitely give you an emotional video that will bring laughter and tears to you when you look back at it years later. Quality talks about the definition, how the video is pieced and presented as well as how emotional it is.

The one thing that is very important when it comes to wedding videography, is the style of the video.

Are you getting the jitters yet? As your wedding is near, you will surely feel excited and jittery. Don’t worry, that is normal and all you got to do is take a deep breath! Your wedding day is a special day in your life and it will even more special with a professional wedding video, that is no doubt.

So, the style of the wedding. What is there to choose and which would you prefer? If you already know, that is good! If not, here are some pointers that hopefully will guide you and let you know which style that best suites you and you will like it.

Cinematic Style
A cinematic style wedding video would make your wedding video look like a movie. Action sequence, love story, thriller, comedy, horror elements all can appear in it to make your wedding film a good and unique video. As the videographer company is made up of professionals, they can edit the video into a film with good effects, editing, background and even better, they will coach you on some acting sequences. This style will present you as if you and your partner are movie stars featuring in your own video.

Classic Style
If you are someone that likes the classic way of video, then this style is what you may be looking for. This is the most natural style, it captures what happens on the day and is the style with the least editing required. No special and over the roof special effects, no exaggerating lines and acting, just plain capturing of the real, raw and natural feeling. The main purpose for this style is to personalise it that speaks of you and your partner.

The simple capturing would mean that most of the time, a single camera is enough. That being said, if you are looking for something that is professional, simple and cost saving, this is the style to look for.
Documentary Style
If you like list-based articles, you may like this style of videography. Like a documentary, this journalistic style of capturing is one of the popular ones. It is not as dramatic as the cinematic style and speaks a little louder than the classic style. Important moments, spontaneous activities will be filmed.
The good thing is, sometimes you will not know what will happen and this style definitely will bring out the fun and laughter and emotional part on the actual day and play it. Interviews of siblings, relatives, family members and even your partners can be done. Even stories like how you guys first met, how the future will look like.. Film it in documentary style and the emotion level will be high and touching.