All About Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Botched Plastic Surgeons

botched plastic surgery

Are you a victim of surgery that is botched? Did you have a horrific experience when the bandages came off? The fact is surgeries can go wrong at times and it depends upon the healing capacity of your body. If a surgery is botched and if you want to give it another shot, you do need to consider the repercussions you may end up dealing with.
After performing a surgery on a botched surgery, you can expect it to look midway of what it was supposed to look like and what it is right now. Healing will take time and it may be anywhere around 6 months or so. It is best if you wait for at least six months before you take the plunge once again. Here is some information regarding botched surgery relating to breast reduction, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Botched Breast surgery:

If you are unhappy with the surgery, here are a few things you could expect to happen:

Generally a botched breast lift is due to not meeting expectations of size of the breast. The patient may have expected it to be much bigger than the outcome. You can revisit the expectation with your surgeon and do a follow up procedure. The same goes with men’s breast reduction or breast reduction lift. If not meeting your goal, you can do a follow up with your breast reduction surgeon.

Liposuction is a popular way to remove excess fat from areas around the breast, stomach, thighs, upper arms, chest and neck. Sometimes, the liposuction done may not have been up to your goal and it may be due to the fact that the area is too fibrous. In case of male breast liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction can be done as a follow up procedure to improve male breast reduction.

Botched plastic surgery:

Whenever a surgery is performed we need to give it healing time. Each and every body is different and the healing effect is different as well. Some may take less time to heal while some take a longer time to heal. It is true for plastic surgery as well. You need to give time to heal to see actual results. You may have redness, scars, swelling due to the after effects of plastic surgery. Sometimes skin may peel or look shrunk. It is the process of healing and giving it more time will actually make a lot of difference to the way it may look later. Proper post care also affects the area where the plastic surgery has been performed. It is true for plastic surgery involving breast reduction, breast implants and cosmetic surgery involving facelifts as well.

Are you covered by insurance?

It is good to know if you are covered by insurance companies for plastic or cosmetic surgeries. Here is a list that gives you the information:

Breast reduction – Insurance will cover the costs but it has to be at least a pound removed from each breast to be eligible for insurance cover.

Liposuction – No, since this is considered cosmetic surgery.

Obesity – Most cases yes, if it is interfering with your day to day activities.

Male breast removal – If certain criteria are met, you will be covered, especially if it is for medical reasons, you are sure to be covered by your insurance company.

Can you claim for a botched surgery?

If you have undergone a botched surgery, you can claim if there is injury due to medical negligence. It is to be noted that only injuries caused due to medical procedures will be eligible for claim and not reduced size. Any surgery has potential risks involved and these risks have to be discussed with the patient in writing.

That is the reason why a consent form is filled by the patient before undergoing the procedure so that doctors are not held responsible for any risk to the life of the patient. Make sure that you have read through and understood the implications of the said surgery. Health care law is an important area of legal profession. Should you need resources they are available.

Plastic surgery insurance is available but it is best to discuss what is covered before you take part in the surgery. With due diligence and research you can avoid complications later and it is only a matter of time before you can reconsider surgery after the first one has been botched.

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