Planning for a Wedding – Thoughts

Hello.. this is Mark and welcome to our first post! Some friends that are preparing for their weddings often asked us, or me, how do I actually plan for the wedding. The savings, the schedule, the timeline, the preparations, the costs.. so many things!`

In our experience, we took around 2 years to prepare our wedding. Right after we got our apartment, which will take around 4 years to be ready, I went straight into research mode and looked at different proposal rings, proposal ideas and where I can hold the proposals.

After thinking through the massive amount of things that I need to prepare.. just to get the proposal going, I realised it is going to be a long way to go.


face plant
face plant

However the proposal went all right, and while my wife was saying that she kinda knew it coming, I wasn’t 100% certain that is the truth. The proposal was just the beginning, it is the initial phase that will come and leads to the wedding preparation period.

Over the next 2 years, we started saving for the actual day, and start to look for venues, bridal studios and many other wedding necessities, items etc..

We set datelines and timings for ourselves, and making sure we keep into budget is certainly not easy. If you are looking at starting for a wedding preparation, give yourself timings and schedule your wedding appointments.

It can be tiring since you are doing during your free time and after work, but it can be fun and fulfilling. Just remember, do this as a couple and enjoy the moment. Plan your wedding within your budgets and savings and try not to complain and quarrel with each other.

No matter what may happen and comeĀ  your way….


We contemplated on a wedding buffet for the church wedding and had some conflict on what cuisine to serve. Just desserts? Chocolates? Asian food? Japanese food? Exotic foods? Western cuisine? There were just so many ideas and themes that we want and it seemed so difficult to settle on a choice.

wedding buffet...

We also got help from our relatives, parents and experienced friends that are either married or have been helping friends planning their wedding.

It was a fantastic experience.

In my next few posts, I will talk about the schedules and timeline. Hopefully they will help you and give you some insights!