Planning the Wedding Dateline

Here is a general tip: before we actually plan anything, we try to estimate the time we have, then decide on the date where we can have our wedding.

We reversed engineered, or simply, we worked backwards.

After the proposal, we went on to decide and think how long do we have for the wedding. Do we have enough finances? And judging from the current finances, how long do we need to save? How much were the venues, what were the hotels available? Do we want a beach wedding? A wedding banquet? A church wedding? There were so many things going through our heads and to be honest, it is very stressful.

I feel stressful thinking about it now!

Before your wedding, this is what we went through and had our advices on. It is relatively simple to go through them, not difficult at all. Just a little.. troublesome.

And you have to commit time to plan your wedding!



We did a lot of researches and started from wedding venues. Then we moved on to find out the wedding fairs, wedding shows and so on.. We also researched on the different bridal shops, wedding gowns, wedding suits, make ups, wedding caterer, music, bands, renting of a band, wedding rings, getting friends to be part of our entourage.. and definitely, Honeymoon.

We planned to go for our honeymoon right after our wedding, so we need to find and make sure there are flights and dates to our destination.

We traveled to Europe for two weeks, and have to make sure we have the clothings too, it was winter.

So, think about it, it is not just for the wedding, as it ripple effected quite a bit of stuff. All the research took around 3 months before we started looking around for wedding vendors, but ultimately we got it.

Wedding Venue

After narrowing down some venues and hotels that fit into our budget, we went down and have a coffee with their representative to select and nail a date that we want.

Some people are nice, and some do not really bother.. I am not sure why, but perhaps they were expecting something more?

But nevertheless this is a matter of luck and perseverance. Finding one that fits into our budget, date and size of guests allowed is magic. It is something we thought that sounds impossible and utterly.. difficult.

At the same time we want the perfect place for our wedding. But we are indeed blessed and glad that we do.


We did quite a bit of research online and in forums. We used Pinterest to see what we wanted and the themes and ideas..

It was fun, but to meet the individual vendors take a lot of time, and we want to make sure they can deliver. Although most of these professionals will say they are good, but it all comes down to sales to them.

Make sure you can find a good one that really cares for your big day, that’s what we have in mind and what we do.


We hope these will help you!


Wedding Planning Hacks You Need to Know

Don’t worry, we all go through this stage. It is crazily scary, messy, chaotic, we all don’t know where to start. When me and Mary first started preparing our wedding, the information and amount of things we need to prepare made us really very dizzy and gives us headaches, literally!

its time to plan that wedding!
its time to plan that wedding!

Below, we rather call it “hacks”, or tips that will make your wedding preparation journey more smoothly and more hassle free.

Wedding File

Sounds like going back to school or documenting that office admin paperwork? Yea, it is the same. Store everything from receipts, to forms, to packages you buy into this file. Every paperwork, documentation, receipts you purchase stuff of, keep it here.

This will be a one-stop go to resource for everything that you need, when it comes to wedding. Contact details and numbers, photographer information, the suit tailors that you have shortlisted… all in one place.

Budget Planning

Before we started planning for our wedding, we made rough calculations and commited to save for a while, and we make sure we stick to it. If you have not done so, do not worry, you can still continue to make plans for it.

Know what is within your budget and work towards that. Set a right and reasonable budget for your wedding expenses as well. When it comes to wedding.. it is a one way spending journey and you have to spend carefully, if your budget is limited.

But most importantly, once you have a rough sum of what you need and want for your big day, break the timeline out and see how much can you commit to save in a month. Then split up the dates to see if you can do that. If it means saving that amount but you have not enough to even eat for the rest of the time, then reconsider putting the wedding date at a further date for some extra time.


Consider the timeline that you need to save for that sum of money, then choose the exact date. Having an exact date is very important, because once you have it, you can nail things down much quicker.

Like the wedding venue, the gowns, photography, your budget, many things fall into place depending on your date.

You can also work on your schedule better. Guests can also have a definite date to inform you of their arrivals.


Choosing a good one is really a big problem here. Depending on individuals, you may or may not take a long time for this. But from our experiences, we take (and know of every friend that got married) quite a bit of time to choose and derive an ideal one.

Because there are so many factors to consider! Price, place, the ongoing promotions.. the theme that we want..

Don’t worry, take your time and most importantly, be patient.. and you will find a good place.

Inviting Guests

Now, after you have a budget, timeline, wedding date and wedding venue in mind, you can now have a better idea of inviting guests.

Because with those, it filters out to you the most important people to invite on your big day. Some close relatives and friends that you are looking to invite, colleagues.. perhaps you need to seek your parent’s advices on who are the guests they want to invite, as well.


It is a tedious task to plan a wedding, on top of that job that you are holding. However, there are many wedding planners around if you have the extra cash. They are professionals and will keep track of your big day for you.

But before you consider that, always remember: break up the dates into smaller pieces to digest and work on them, then you will start to see how something so massive and big is actually very accomplish-able.

Planning for a Wedding – Thoughts

Hello.. this is Mark and welcome to our first post! Some friends that are preparing for their weddings often asked us, or me, how do I actually plan for the wedding. The savings, the schedule, the timeline, the preparations, the costs.. so many things!`

In our experience, we took around 2 years to prepare our wedding. Right after we got our apartment, which will take around 4 years to be ready, I went straight into research mode and looked at different proposal rings, proposal ideas and where I can hold the proposals.

After thinking through the massive amount of things that I need to prepare.. just to get the proposal going, I realised it is going to be a long way to go.


face plant
face plant

However the proposal went all right, and while my wife was saying that she kinda knew it coming, I wasn’t 100% certain that is the truth. The proposal was just the beginning, it is the initial phase that will come and leads to the wedding preparation period.

Over the next 2 years, we started saving for the actual day, and start to look for venues, bridal studios and many other wedding necessities, items etc..

We set datelines and timings for ourselves, and making sure we keep into budget is certainly not easy. If you are looking at starting for a wedding preparation, give yourself timings and schedule your wedding appointments.

It can be tiring since you are doing during your free time and after work, but it can be fun and fulfilling. Just remember, do this as a couple and enjoy the moment. Plan your wedding within your budgets and savings and try not to complain and quarrel with each other.

No matter what may happen and come  your way….


We contemplated on a wedding buffet for the church wedding and had some conflict on what cuisine to serve. Just desserts? Chocolates? Asian food? Japanese food? Exotic foods? Western cuisine? There were just so many ideas and themes that we want and it seemed so difficult to settle on a choice.

wedding buffet...

We also got help from our relatives, parents and experienced friends that are either married or have been helping friends planning their wedding.

It was a fantastic experience.

In my next few posts, I will talk about the schedules and timeline. Hopefully they will help you and give you some insights!